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Hyperintensities refer to areas of high intensity on types of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans of the brain of a human or of another mammal that reflect lesions produced largely by demyelination and axonal loss.Cirrus sr22 specs
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These images demonstrate extensive T2 FLAIR hyperintense, T1 hypointense lesions involving the periventricular, subcortical Πριν 3 χρόνια. There are multiple T2 FLAIR hyperintense non-enhancing cortical and subcortical lesions as well as multiple subependymal ...

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Colecalcifero. Supliment alimentar cu gust de capșuni și xylitol. Vitoral D Spray Oral pentru copii și sugari este un supliment alimentar cu gust de căpșuni și xylithol, sub formă de spray destinat administrării orale.

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Introducere Angiopatia amiloidă cerebrală este o patologie comună la vârstnic. Rar întâlnită înainte de 50 ani, frecvenţa acestei patologii creşte odată cu înaintarea în vârstă ajungând la o incidenţă de peste 50% la 90 de ani. Este o cauză importantă a hemoragiei cerebrale la adultul vârstnic alături de hipertensiunea arterială. Evoluția este extrem de variabilă: ...

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T1-FLAIR stands for T1-weighted-Fluid-Attenuated Inversion Recovery.This nomenclature began to arise in the late 1990s to denote an inversion recovery sequence with dark CSF and other T1-like properties made possible by a medium TI coupled with fast spin-echo signal acquisition.

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Question: my Brain MRI impression states that i am having a small T2 and flair hyperintense focus inright frontal priventricular location, s/o chronic ischemic focus.what does it means? is it curable or not? how long i will live. i am 32 yest old now. sir i want to know that how much i will live with this ischemic problem. how can i reduce the effect of it. what changes in my eating/dieting ...

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La noul rmn mi-apărut doua mici leziuni de substanță alba (hipersemnal T2/Flair)puncti forme 2 mmrme de 2 mm cu topografie subcorticala fronto insulara dr si stg avand aspect rmn nespecific. menționez ca la 1 rmn nu am avut asa ceva.

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Hidrocefalia Hidroencefalia poate fi consecinta obstructiei sistemului ventricular, iritatiei ventriculului (de la inflamatie la hemoragie), creşterea marimii ventriculare datorita pierderii de tesut parenchimal cerebral (hidrocefalia ex vacuo) şi poate aparea fara o cauza evidenta (congenital) sau rar poate fi consecinta supraproductiei de LCR datorita tumorilor plexului coroid. Obstructia ...

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Introduction Progressive brain atrophy, development of T1-hypointense areas, and T2-fluid-attenuated inversion recovery (FLAIR)-hyperintense lesion formation in multiple sclerosis (MS) are popular volumetric data that are often utilized as clinical outcomes. However, the exact clinical interpretation of...

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