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Apr 13, 2011 · I have a rattling/clunking noise when I go over bumps/holes that are medium sized. The dampening of the strut is still good and I don't get the wheel wobble one would expect from a blown strut. It kind of sounds like if a porcelain dish being used for the top hat of the strut and it is wobbling around. Ninja character design
Hi I m new here.., I have a rzr 170 that might have 30 hrs on it so still new and never a problem with it until today. When you let off the gas there is a pretty bad clunking sound and jerking from the rear end. Any idea what this is ! Thanks Carl..

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I had the Harley rep in our area tell me a couple of years back about the cure for the clunking on an FXDWG front end that I'd had a problem with. It was the upper nut on top of the triple tree clamp. He said the cure was to tighten the nut to 100 ft/lbs instead of the recommended 35 or so in the book.

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Feb 11, 2015 · Sedan :: Clunking Noise In Front Suspension Only Sometimes When Turning Feb 11, 2015. So I got a steering problem and it's got me going crazy. I have a 06 g35 sedan lowered about an 1.5 inches. It's been about 5 months since I lowered it, lately I've been herring clunking noise in front suspension, not all the time but only sometimes when I turn.

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Yay another diagnose my clunk over the internet thread! New to me '14 XT, 85k miles. Odd clunking noise in front end, primarily passenger's side. Sounds like loose top nut, seems to be primarily over small, repetitive bumps like rumble strips at low to medium speeds. I get the impression noise occurs at suspension extension but can't be sure.

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I just picked up an 02 Focus ZTS with the clunking rattle in the front. I replaced the end links, which were shot, but clunk didn't go away. Read through this entire thread, and decided to start with the easiest thing (opening the hood is so much easier than jacking the car up!), and low and behold, the drivers side shock top nut was loose.

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Second, whenever you change any major front end parts, I strongly suggest you change the stabilizer bar bushings. They are inexpensive and can cause noise even if they don't appear to be worn. They are difficult to get to but if you have the front end all apart it would be much easier.

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Dec 08, 2013 · Hi guys so i just bought an 03 pilot and i hear a clunking/ticking noise comming from the front from what i believe its coming from the left side when im inside the vehicle. It only make's the clunking/ticking noise when i turn the steering wheel fully to the right or left when moving or making a right or left turn.

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A clunking noise occurs in the drivers side front wheel well when going over small bumps such as pot hole repairs. There is no other trouble, steering and alignment seem fine. There is no noise at all when going over smooth surfaces. I took off the left front wheel and inspected the area, nothing appears to be broke or loose.

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Apr 05, 2017 · 2015 6.2L 4x4 So I recently started noticing this clunk toward the rear of my truck. It sounds like its coming from the rear diff, but its slightly different than all the other reports Ive been reading about. Mine only happens when Im turning sharply at slow speeds - like pulling into or out of a...

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It definitely sounds like it’s coming from the rear. I also am having rattling from my driveline due to the carrier bearing but it’s definitely more of a distinct clunking noise (sounds like metal) that happens when I first pull forward or reverse. It’ll happen multiple times within the first 10-15 feet. Then I don’t notice it.

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Apr 20, 2020 · Clunking noise from front suspension due to top front shock mount on Lexus GS300 Problem Description Clunking noises from the front suspension may be caused by the top front shock mount, which has been redesigned.

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